Electric Mandoline

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  • Quickly chop your way through a mountain of fruit and vegetables with the Andrew James Electric Mandoline Slicer
  • Including three blades; you’re in complete control over the thickness of your ingredients. Also included are an ice shaver, grater and French fry attachment!
  • Extremely safe to use, your fingers are never near the blades thanks to our clever design and food press
  • Simple one button operation ensures fast and efficient food preparation – ideal for family meals or large occasions!

Slicing food is effortless; the mandoline slicer does all the hard work for you at the touch of a button, and with 3 different and clearly labelled blades for varying thickness, the results are easy to control too.

Unlike traditional mandoline slicers, your fingers are never close to the sharp blades. Simply put the food in the chute, press lightly with the food pusher and touch the slice button to put the sharp and effective blade into action. It makes light work of chopping food for family meals and occasions such as Christmas.

The slices are collected in the transparent tray which can be removed for serving and storage.

With the slicer you can make super speedy salads, as well as cut vegetables for use in soups, stews or pasta.

The advantage of even slices is that they will take the same amount of time to cook, giving a uniform texture to your dishes. You can also slice fruit to create beautifully presented cakes, trifles and jellies.

Not only is the mandoline slicer ideal for creating uniform slices of fruit and vegetables, this multifunctional tool also comes with an ice shaver blade and a grater attachment which can be used for cheese, as well as a French fry attachment that turns potatoes into chips in seconds.

Using the mandoline slicer is a breeze from start to finish; easy to assemble, easy to use, and as all parts are dishwasher safe, it is extremely easy to clean. With this handy gadget, chopping will never be a chore.