Dualit Ice Crusher / Blender

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  • Superhero performance: A powerful 1000 W motor tackles tough ingredients in seconds, whether crushing ice or pulverising purées.
  • Tritan jar: Safer than glass, the shatterproof jar is lighter and easier to manoeuvre, not to mention dishwasher-safe.
  • Directional fins: The two asymmetric fins propel the ingredients into an ‘S’ shaped mixing action, where they are constantly forced down on to the blade.
  • Auto pulse: A soft-start pulsing action that ensures the mixture has maximum contact with the blades for the smoothest results.
  • Ice crush: From ice cubes to snow drifts in just 10 seconds. Specifically designed to blitz ice on impact, starting with one large pulse and continuing with several smaller pulses.
  • Unique blade design: The blade component is uniquely designed to pull the ingredients down. The horned blade spears larger items, the serrated blades pulverise solid ingredients and the dipped blades direct any smaller pieces back into the chopping zone.
  • Soft-start motor: “Anti-bounce” feature ensures food stays in contact with the blade when the motor starts, thus maximising the blender’s ability to cut through the food.
  • Versatile controls: Seven controls include ice crush, two pulse settings and four preset speeds, each one perfectly adjusted for gentle mixing, consistent chopping, smooth puréeing or ultimate blitzing


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